Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I don't have updates.

But I just want to tell people, I've gained many things that are more priceless than any other souvenir. :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

One Week.

I'm going to miss everybody.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's February.

Exactly 2 weeks to go. X)

I'm getting those "Oh I shouldn't have done it last minute" moments. Haven't applied for my travel insurance yet! :O

CNY has been good. I got to catch up with all my relatives and bundle-of-joy cousins. Took lots of goofy pictures which I will post out and tag them all on Facebook when they are 20. That's for all the nannying and the drama that comes along with it! Haha. I do feel sad that it's almost over. Everyone's hitting the books tomorrow.I followed my family up to Melaka yesterday to send my brother back. Won't be seeing him until my family comes up in June. :(

Well, I've started packing a little about 2 days ago. I will be reaching Tullamarine Airport at 8.00 in the morn.

Weather Check, (for the next approx 2 months or more) it's a bright and sunny summer and 44 degrees the highest in 70 years. There are wildfires according to CNN. So you guys out there, pray hard I won't burst into flames haha.

Or choke on a fly. XD

Now that's dark.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I was looking through some of the travel guides at the local bookstore today tempted to get one. BUT OH MY GAWD. It's $80 wey!

Every shop in town is blasting traditional Chinese tunes in conjunction of the Lunar New Year just round the corner. This can only mean two things.

1. I'm going to be rich with all that red packets. Yay.

2. I am left with less than a month to settle unfinished business over here, pack up and leave for Melbourne.

I am totally looking forward to the discover this exciting place. I haven't been to Aus before but I did bits of my research. X)


This isn't the first time I am leaving home for so long so I'm quite confident I can adjust. I do get the occasional jitters though. I tend to worry here and there.

I suppose Monash anticipated that so they called us all Exchange and transfer students back for a little briefing about the to-do lists, and a couple of other things we need to know to prepare us for Australia.

To-Do List.

1. Med Check up, Visa. Done.
2. Fees. Have the cheque.
3. LAN subjects. Oops.
4. Insurance. Done.
5. Air Ticket. Gaotim.
5. Money issues.
6. Accomodation. No news. Dumpster? Temporary accomodation at Clayton gaotim.

There's a couple more that Edwina will forward to us.

So there are a few quirky fact I remember from the talk is the Immigration laws.

What I cannot smuggle in my Luggage (even if I want to).

"I'm afraid I have to check your luggage. Beagle here thinks you have something in there."


"What is this?"

opens up a polystyrene pack of something yummy

"Any kind of Food is prohibited."

Alamak. momentary pause

"Move this way please."

Lesson 1: Don't smuggle.

Be aware of the prohibitions and declare if you brought any or get risked being questioned in the Quarantine room if the sniffer dogs catch an odour. I heard they are beagles. EEE glomps X)

So, I cannot bring

1. Dairy/Egg Products. Yolk Mooncake. What about snowskin?
2. Animal Products. No Bak Kua *wails*.
3. Live Animals. Cannot bring brat cousin XD.
4. Seeds and Nuts. No kuaci.
5. Fresh Fruit/ Veggies. Durian? Rojak? T.T How about something cooked like Char Kway Teow?

No you can't bring any form of food into the plane. Including mineral water. (Fearing you may put in some explosive liquid inside, drink and blow up. :P) It's really all just Safety precautions. The plane provides enough water for you so no worries.

For more, see the AQIS webby.


From what I know there will be quite a line-up in the orientation/Transition Program and activities organized by the Caulfield Malaysian Club. There'll be Movie nights, Travelling escapades, Skiing at Mt. Buller, BBQ meet ups and stuff.

Another I'm looking forward to is


According to Jason, fellow International Student in Aus, the Cafe's have awesome coffees and pastries. They have a whole array of local and international delights ranging from Thai to Italian in the city that is worth checking out. Aus, perhaps A melting potstew of cultures?

I'll be sent to the furthest Campus, Gippsland (3 hours away from Tullamarine OMG) for the first semester so it's just a matter of time I get to taste Australia. Besides, there is excellent Chinese food in Gippsland, nature nature stuff! (And lots of Cows. Grape Vine and a Winery there too!) *jaw drops*

It's 2 hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city. So instead of laughing at me (sticks out tongue) how about we get up close with nature, and move into the jungle, eat fruits directly from the trees (can't get fresher than this!), feed bunnies/koalas, get kicked by a kangaroo and drink from the river ok mebbe not INHALE oxygen like you never did before.

Alright, jk.

I won't feel that my standard of life is compromised just because I don't live in a place with Megamalls, Nightlife, Posh Cafes and shopping districts a tram ride away.

I. Can't. Wait. X)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I Successfully solved my Visa problems before leaving for Penang. =D Amazing stuff. I made the biggest blunder ever for the medical check up. But push that aside, now I'm going! My visa was approved 3 days ago! *explodes from happiness*

The talk will be on the 9th of Jan. I'll be making a trip up to Kuala Lumpur again before my departure.

I am excited. :D

Friday, October 31, 2008

Reserved for an Australian Escapade.


Till my offer letter comes.